Sarah and Her Twirling Toes

Sarah and Her Twirling Toes

NEW RELEASE Sarah loves how screaming makes her feel.  Her tonsils tickle.  Her tummy dances.  And, best of all, her toes twirl!  But one day, Sarah’s scream disappears … This bright picture book celebrates Sarah’s spunky and endearing personality while showing that she can be herself, with or without screaming. The inspiration for the main character in this …more

I'll Hold You Forever An Adoption Story

I’ll Hold You Forever: An Adoption Story

 A touching story about the beauty of adoption and the warmth of a mother’s love. A young girl walks through the countryside when she begins to wonder:  Is Mommy her real mom?  Mommy turns the question into a story of the child’s adoption.  Soon the child is reassured that her mom is real and will …more

Can Kate See by Dawn Marie Hooks

Can Kate See?

Revision — Just Released Will Kate convince Hannah she can play catch even though she is blind?  This story follows Kate through her day at school as she explains to Hannah how she sees through touch, smell, taste, and hearing.  A brief section at the end of this book contains information and engaging activities to …more


Oh, Cookie!

Cookie searches for something to eat. She makes a mess, but will she find some food? Charming illustrations and four types of poetry create an appealing story about a mischievous dog named Cookie. A brief section at the end includes descriptions and activities for the limerick, cinquain, couplet, and diamante style of poetry. Oh, Cookie! …more