School Visit Information

School Visit Information

Have Dawn Marie Hooks visit your school to speak to kids about the process of writing, illustrating, and publishing a book. Sessions can be customized to meet the school’s needs. The school or the author-illustrator can choose a topic from the “Notes” section at the end of her books to include in the presentation.

A one-day visit is $500 (plus travel expenses for non-local venues). Fee may be negotiated if school collects and gives author book orders two weeks prior to the event.

A one-day visit includes:
Up to four, 30 to 40 minute age-specific assemblies covering:
• Book introduction and reading
• Presentation on a customized book topic
• Question-and-answer session with the audience;
For books that are preordered, Dawn will bring the signed copies of the books to distribute to the students. For those students and staff purchasing books at the event, Dawn will gladly autograph them on the day of the visit.

•Directions to school, presentation times and audience size, and any other pertinent information regarding presentation expectations.
•Bottled water and a small table for small group presentations. For large group presentations, a microphone, document camera and projector will be needed.
•A presentation schedule that allows about 10 minutes between sessions.

IMPORTANT: Please familiarize the students with the author before the visit. Mrs. Hooks will provide the school with one copy of each book, a draft of a parent letter and order form, and a few posters to promote her visit.
•Make the kids aware of the upcoming author/illustrator appearance starting a month in advance. Put her books on display in the school library. Put a display of book covers up in the hallway.
•Send out a letter to the parents about the author/illustrator visit and a book order form at least two weeks in advance (draft provided by Mrs. Hooks).
•Collect order forms and send out a reminder in the school newsletter. Book orders need to be collected as they come in. Please contact Mrs. Hooks a few days before the visit to let her know how many book orders were returned.
Other Suggestions:
•Have an art class make posters, banners, and bookmarks welcoming the author/illustrator.
•Throw a contest and have the winners receive autographed books or eat lunch with the author/illustrator.
•Arrange for the students on the school paper to interview the author.
•Call the local newspapers. Maybe they’ll send a photographer to cover the event. If they don’t, take pictures yourself and submit them.
•Talk it up. The more excited you are, the more excited the kids will be. And when the kids are excited, any message the author gives them will really hit home.

Please contact Dawn to inquire.